Since 1998, North Carolina’s schools and libraries have received more than $1 billion in E-rate discounts. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Connectivity Team offers the following free comprehensive E-rate training and support services to all preK-13 public schools in the state:

  • E-mail and telephone support in completing applications and program forms.
  • Virtual reviews of applications and program forms.
  • E-mail and telephone support in completing Compliance Reviews and Audits.
  • Updates and training at conferences and regional meetings.
  • Internet updates and information archival via this URL.
  • Onsite outreach and training as requested (depending on travel restrictions).
  • NC E-rate emails used to communicate updates, newsletters and executive summaries to designated E-rate contacts across the state. To subscribe, e-mail Jeannene, Rebecca, or Roxie, with your name, organization and e-mail address. We also have regional lists with which we use to send information. If you are new to E-rate please contact Rebecca, Roxie or Jeannene and we will be happy to get you up-to-speed.
  • Access to experienced network analysts with working knowledge of the E-rate Program.
  • Access to multiple state-level E-rate Specialists for continuity of service and “on-demand” service.